Residential Service and Prices

Service Call – Repairs$120 Service Call. Cost includes Drive Time + 1/2 Hour Diagnosis. Once issue is found additional fees for Materials/Labor to correct issue apply.
Receptacles added$130 – $180 each in a finished area (Labor + Materials)
$85 – $125 each in an unfinished area (Labor + Materials)
Receptacles added in kitchen$175 – $225 each (Labor + Materials)
Receptacles/switches replaced$35 each (labor/material) & 10 or more $28 each (Leviton Device with White Faceplate)
Receptacles/switches relocated$125 – $165 each (Labor + Materials)
Add floor receptacle with unfinished/finished basement$265/$325 each (Labor + Materials)
Replace outdoor receptacles – seal & install bubble cover$90 each (Labor + Materials)
USB Receptacle Replaced$80 (Labor + Materails
Add USB Receptacle$160-$210 Finished or $120-$150 Unfinished (both with Labor +Materials
Add outside receptacle off existing circuit$225 each/$265 with brick exterior (Labor + Materials)
Install microwave with dedicated circuit$350 + Up. Cost to be discussed before work is performed (Labor + Materials)
Add TV receptacle$205 – $265 each (Labor + Materials)
Add switches$135 – $165 each (Labor + Materials)
Recessed lights installed in Finished Area $150 Each (Lights Included) (Labor + Materials)
LED Bulbs are an additional $10
Attic fan replaced$285 - Includes Fan (Labor + Materials)
Attic fan thermostat replaced$175 - Includes Thermostat (Labor + Materials)
Install low voltage wiring (speaker, CAT5, phone and cable)Call Scott Bowley at (540) 307-0111
Install New Ceiling Fan
(Includes Ceiling Fan Box and Wire ran from closest power source)
$275 (Labor + All Materials except Fan and Remote)
If No Attic Access - $350
1 Switch - $100
2 Switches - $150
Replace Existing Smoke Detectors$65/each (Labor + Materials)
6 or More $55/ea
Smoke/Carbon $115/ea
Replace Ceiling Fan (with or without Light)8-10ft ceiling - $150 (Labor Only)
10-14ft ceiling - $180 (Labor Only)
14-20ft ceiling - $225 (Labor Only)
Ceiling Light installed with Swtich$205 (Labor + Materials, except Light)
Surface Light Replaced$75-85/ea (Labor Only)
Hanging Lights Replaced$85-$105/ea (Labor Only)
(Less than 10 Pieces & Less than 30lbs)
Bathroom Wall Scones Replaced$75-$95/ea (Labor Only)
Remove existing bathroom light, Rewire to install two new lights
(1 Vanity Light / 1 Recessed Light)
$300 (Labor + All materials except light)
Foyer light replaced$180 (Less than 10 Pieces and 12-14ft high) - Labor Only
$325 (less than 10 Pieces, 15ft hight and less than 30lbs.)
Under cabinet lights replaced$75/ea (Labor Only)
Under Cabinet lights installed new$155-$205/ea - Light Included (Labor + Materials)
LED under cabinet lights - New$215 per cabinet (light included) (Labor + Materials)
Replace outside flood lights (over 12ft high or more$185/ea (Labor Only)
Replace exhaust fan motor only$140 (Labor + Materials
Replace existing bath exhaust fanFan Only - $225 (Labor + Materials)
Fan with Light - $260 (Labor + Materials)
Install new bath exhaust fan with attic access$275 (with access)
$350 (without access)
Vent Pipe to be installed by others
Replace outside pole light
Homeowner must supply pole, light and 25lbs. of sakrete/concrete
$225 if not in concrete
Additional $65 if in concrete
Relocate light fixture$175 + Up
Outside flood light/sensor light installed$200 + Up (Lights Included)
Install outside low voltage path lighting$200 + Up (Labor + Material
Install outside LED low voltage lighting$255/ea + Up (Labor + Materials
Circuit tracing under ground wiring$165 per hour with 1 way travel
New circuits ran to electrical panel$105 + up
Install receptacle for hard wired stove$205
Whole house surge protectorBasic - $289
Ultra - $450
Grounding of CSST gas piping$245 & up depending on access from the electrical panel to gas meter
Ground Rod$150/ea (Labor + Materials)
Two Ground Rods + 6 awg wire to panel board$400 (Labor + Materials)

Prices are based on homes with sheet rock walls. Homes with plaster walls are additional $50 per device. Please note drywall patching may be necessary. Prices may vary due to unforeseen conditions. A site visit is required for an accurate estimate.

Kitchen Renovations and Prices

Secure permit$185, if sub panel added $100 extra
Demolition$150 + Up
Install GFCI receptacles$105 with no sheet rock
$145 with existing sheet rock
Install switches$90 with no sheet rock
$125 with existing sheet rock
Install receptacles$90 with no sheet rock
$125 with existing sheet rock
Install recessed lights (5" Lightoiler w/blub)$90 with no sheet rock
$150 with existing sheet rock
$10 Additional for LED
Install under cabinet lighting (2 bulb fixture/40 watt)$125 no sheet rock
$155-205 with existing sheet rock
Install rope lighting$195 (labor only)
Install low voltage wiring (speaker, CAT5, phone and cable)$195 and up
Add separate circuits to panel (for microwave, refrigerator, etc.)$185 and up
Add circuit for double oven$325 and up
Add circuit for cook top$255 and up
Install wiring for disposal$85 if in same location
$145 to relocate existing disposal
$205 wire new disposal
Install wiring for dishwasher$85 if in same location
$135 to relocate existing dishwasher
$185 + Up wire new dishwasher
Install dimmers$65 for single pole/3-Way (Labor + Materials)
Replace existing receptacles or switches$35/ea - 10 or more $28/ea (Labor + Materials)
Replace existing GFCI receptacles$65 each (Labor + Materials)
Wire and install new pendant lights$145 each (Labor + Materials) Lights are additional charge
Wire and install hood fan$145 (Labor + Materials) Fan not included
Install receptacle in island cabinet$165
Install LED under cabinet lights$215 per cabinet (light included)

Basement Renovations and Prices

Secure permit$185
$285 if sub-panel added
Install receptacles or switches$50 each for 10 or more
$60 each for 9 or less
Install three-way switches$75 each
Install four-way switches$85 each
Install surface mounted lights$85 each (light not included)
Install recessed lights (6" Lightolier with bulb)$90 each (Additional $10 for LED)
Install bath GFCI receptacle on 20 amp separate circuit$155
Install bath exhaust fan (70 cfm)$150 (includes fan)
$180 - Fan with light
Vent not inluded
Install bath heat vent light on separate 20 amp circuit$385 (includes heat vent light)
Install ceiling fan$145
Install pull chain$75
Install under cabinet lights (2 bulb fixture, 40 watt)$145 each (includes light)
Install sub-panel next to existing panel$565 for 60 amp
$665 for 90 amp
Install speaker or other low voltage wiring$115 each (pre-wire only) *wire supplied by homeowner
Install cable$115 each
Install new smoke detectors$155 each
Install doorbell extension$185 (includes material)
Install baseboard heat with thermostat (6' heater)$255 each
Install dimmer$65 single pole/3-way
Install ARC fault circuit breaker$75 each
DemolitionUp to $185

If the electrical panel is in the garage, each circuit would have a surcharge not to exceed $80 per circuit. The prices above reflect a completely unfinished basement with wood studs. Metal studs would have a surcharge of $25 each per receptacle and switch.

Additions to Existing Homes

Secure permit$185
$285 if sub-panel added
Install receptacles$50 each for 10 or more
$60 each for 9 or less
Install switches$50 each for 10 or more
$60 each for 9 or less
Install three-way switch$75
Install four-way switch$85
Install recessed lights (6" Lightolier with bulb)$90 each (light included)
Additional $10 for LED
Install surface light$85 each (light not included)
Install outside GFCI receptacles$145 each
Install outside coach light with 2 piece siding blocks$155 each
Install outside flood light$145/ea under 12' (light included)
$225/ea over 12' (light included)
Install ceiling fans$150 each
Install floor receptacles$225 each
Install low voltage wiring (speaker, CAT5, phone and cable)$135 and up each run
Install dimmers $65 each for single pole/3-way
Install smoke detectors$65 replacements
$135 in new addition
$205 each added in existing houses to meet code
Radio controlled smoke detectors$225 each (labor/material)
Install sub panel next to existing panel$565 for 60 amp
$665 for 90 amp
Circuits to panel$85 + Up each
Bath GFI receptacle$155
Bath fan$150 (includes fan)
$180 Fan with Light
Vent Not Included
Replace Circuit BreakerSingle Pole - $75 + Materials
Double Pole - $100 + Materials
Main - $300 + Materials

Note: Separate circuits in unfinished basements $85 each and finished basement and garages $115 each and up.

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